About Us

Horn Porn, it’s all about the hunting addiction!

It all started with my dad’s good friend Mr. Hanna in 1967. Mr. Hanna introduced my dad, Keith, to the tradition of hunting. From there he taught my brother and I about the world’s oldest tradition.

For me it started in 1974, the year I was born. I always liked going on hunting trips with my brother and dad but I wasn’t excited about the actual harvesting part until I was 12 years old. It was my first hunting trip where I actually had a tag. It was an archery Javelina tag in unit 32. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to harvest one but I had an opportunity.  It was on that hunt that I finally understood the purpose of hunting and became excited about it. Since then I have been overtaken with the addiction of hunting!!

From that time to present we have not only harvested many animals but we have also participated in numerous conservation projects for the very wildlife we hunt. Fixing dilapidated Game and Fish and Forest Service trick tanks and guzzlers has become a family tradition. From Payson, AZ to the Kaibab Plateau we have repaired and continue to service 30 plus drinkers.

In August of 2011 while on an Arizona archery deer hunt I ran into a fellow hunter, Don. As we were talking about the bucks we were seeing Don said, “It’s been total Hornporn! “ It instantly made since! The addiction, adrenaline, money, time and my wife being mad for 6 months a year!!

By November of 2011 we had trademarked Horn Porn and our logo. We also purchased HornPorn.com. The rest is history!!!!

P.s If you’re wondering about Don, we became friends and continue our friendship today! He was a little upset he hadn’t tried trademarking it first!!


Dad’s Story

I don’t know where I got the love for hunting. My folks were farmers not hunters. Growing up on a farm in Ohio I hunted birds with a BB gun and did some trapping. We moved to Arizona when I was eleven years old.

 My dad would drop Jim Hanna (my best friend) and I out on the desert to hunt rabbits. Jim was killed in a skydiving accident while we were in high school. After his death his dad (Clair) and I would hunt together.

 These photos represent just a couple of the hunts we made together:

 The javelina hunt occurred February 1967 in hunt unit 33. Mr. Hanna, his younger son jack, and I were hunting just south of Oracle Junction. We killed 3 pigs. That was my first big game animal. Later that year I killed my first deer. It was a 2 x 3 mule deer. I was officially hooked on hunting (I really like to fish also). Note the hunting vehicle. I think it is a 4 door Dodge Pioneer. Yes, Mr. Hanna would put the deer on the fender and drive home that way. I think we’ve lost the simple pleasures of hunting. We think we need big 4×4 trucks, 30 foot toy haulers and side by sides to kill animals.

 In October 1968 I killed a good 4 x 4 mule deer in hunt unit 18A. Mr. Hanna killed a 3 x 3. We returned the next year and I killed a 2 x 2 mule deer. By this time Mr. Hanna had a 4 x 4 Jeep Wagoneer but we still had a tent to sleep in and we cooked over a campfire.

 My sons, Cory and Wade, have always hunted with me. For the first time in 2013 my daughter, Lisa, joined me on a spring turkey hunt… The turkeys survived just fine.




Our Goal at Horn Porn

Our goal from the beginning has been to build a quality ethical brand in the hunting industry! While our brand is definitely catchy and edgy we wanted it to be even better when you looked into us. We are committed to God, family, quality and customer service!

We are not just about hunting we are also committed to the conservation of all wildlife to ensure a healthy robust ecosystem for the future. We have assisted the AZ Game and Fish Department and U.S Forest Service on many projects. Aside from the joint projects we continue to repair and maintain approximately 30 other drinkers in our own. It has become a tradition for our family and friends! We didn’t just start conserving because it is now the thing to do, we have been doing it since the 90’s.

We are also members of the Arizona Elk Society and Mule Deer Foundation.